WW Ocean Moves Royal Smit Transformers

WW Ocean Moves Royal Smit Transformers

Cargo shipping line WW Ocean has delivered a series of transformer shipments to Savannah and Port Hueneme in the U.S. from Zeebrugge in Belgium.

The consignment involved movement of five transformers, each weighing 350 tonnes, on behalf of Dutch manufacturer Royal Smit Transformers. The units were all handled as roll-on, roll-off cargoes via WW Ocean’s fleet.

“Finding space for these high-and-heavy loads can be challenging. When we assess transport options, we try to find the best fit in terms of time constraints and economics. WW Ocean was able to nominate a suitable vessel for our shipments within the right time frame,” Bram Reintjes of Royal Smit said.

Headquartered in Norway, WW Ocean is part of the Wallenius Wilhelmen group and provides global ocean cargo solutions via a fleet of more than 50 ro-ro vessels.

Photo: Transformer. Credit WWO