WW Ocean Delivers Steam Drums

(Americas-Asia) Samson-Light Eases Loading

Cargo shipping line WW Ocean has delivered a shipment of high-pressure steam drums to the U.S. from South Korea.

The breakbulk project involved develiery of five drums weighing up to 147 tonnes each. The project team used AutoCAD software to design optimal handling equipment and utilized a purpose-built equipment solution called Samson-Light to gently rolls the drums on and off the vessel.

“The delivery schedule of project cargo like these steam drums is important as it’s connected to onsite construction timelines. We closely monitor the itineraries of our vessels to keep customers and their suppliers up to date and meet tight deadlines,” said Kyuil Chun, breakbulk sales representative  for WW Ocean.

Headquarted in Norway, WW Ocean is part of the Wallenius Wilhelmen group and provides global ocean cargo solutions via a fleet of more than 50 roll-on, roll-off vessels.
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