WSP Handles Mary River Shipment

Cargo Delivered to 70° Latitude

Cargo surveying company Wilke - Survey & Partner has overseen the transport of multiple breakbulk components from Europe and Asia to the Canadian Arctic.
Through a partnership with industry association the Project Logistics Alliance, or PLA, the firm managed the shipment of 550 tonnes of cargo for the Baffinland Mary River Iron Ore Mine Expansion Project. WSP pre-planned all offloading operations as well as co-ordinating a tight shipping window for ice-free waters.
“An own dock and a 28-meter-wide road made out of amour stone and compacted layers of gravel had to be constructed for the roll off of the screening building, which had a weight of 1760 tonnes and a final destination a few clicks into the mainland,” a spokesperson for the PLA explained.
Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, the PLA is a network of pre-qualified breakbulk specialists in more than 80 countries.