Woolpert Establishes US Hub

(Americas) Aviation Research at NARTP

Engineering firm Woolpert said it plans to open an aviation research hub in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, investigating new means of automated air freight.

The aviation research hub will be located in the National Aviation Research and Technology Park, or NARTP, and will explore the use of unmanned aircraft systems for the Federal Aviation Administration, airports and governmental agencies. NARTP has close ties with leading universities and several research institutes.

“From a collaboration perspective, the park has created a think tank-like atmosphere that is helping propel aviation research and technology projects worldwide. We’re excited to be a part of it … From a relationship standpoint, it will be extremely valuable to be able to interact daily with colleagues and clients,” said Thomas Mackie, Woolpert vice president.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Woolpert provides specialist research architecture, engineering, geospatial and strategic research
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