Wangfoong Moves Genoa Sunseeker

(Europe-Asia) Delivery to Hong Kong

Project cargo firm Wangfoong Transportation has transported an outsized sunseeker yacht  from Italy to Hong Kong on a bulk vessel

The cargo measured more than 28 meters long and was carried from Genoa. Wangfoong staff in conducted a pre-discharging inspection in Hong Kong under Covid-19 restrictions.

“In addition to the shipping and the physical receiving of the yacht, Wangfoong was also responsible for obtaining the approval-in-principle required by the Hong Kong Marine Department before the yacht arrival in Hong Kong,” a spokesperson for Wangfoong said.

Based in Hong Kong, Wangfoong is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium. The WWPC is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events and recently appointed two new members, Linuship Transitarios for Portugal and BOLK SouthEast SRL for Romania.
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