Verton to Target Wind Installation Safety

Agreement with Mammoet, Van Oord for Wind Turbine Installation Concept

By Carly Fields
Scaleup Verton Technologies Australia has developed a remote-controlled load-management system that promises to revolutionize rotation and installation of heavy loads, removing the need for human-held taglines.
Verton’s R-Series, dubbed the “smart spreader,” is a remote rotating device that uses gyroscopic modules to rotate a suspended load. It promises “unprecedented safety” for heavy-lift crane operations, according to managing director Trevor Bourne.
“Workers will no longer be near or under moving loads thanks to the R-Series,” he said. “It also has the added bonus of a lot of data and smarts in the equipment that is connected to the Internet,” Bourne added.
Through integration with existing hardware and software, Verton’s unit facilitates greater benchmarking of heavy-lift operations. Bourne claimed that payback can be achieved in less than a year.
Building on the successful reception of the R-Series, Verton has signed an agreement with Mammoet and Van Oord to design a new concept for onshore and offshore wind turbine installation to improve the safety and efficiency of those operations.
By sharing their knowledge and expertise, Van Oord, Mammoet and Verton aim to develop a way to shorten the installation cycle times for wind turbines while making it safer for operators.
Van Oord and Mammoet have committed to engage in the first of three phases of the development, focused on the technical assessment and requirements. Turbine supplier Vestas will provide the project partners with the technical information and expertise necessary for the development of the new product.

Photo: Jacques Stoof of Mammoet (left) and Paul Verheul of Van Oord (right) sign a wind installation partnership with Verton’s Trevor Bourne. Credit: Verton