Van der Vlist Custom-engineered Trailers Drives Efficiency for Metro Train Transport

Specially-equipped trailers allow trains to be loaded and unloaded by staff

Van der Vlist has recently started a project to move 43 M7 metro units from Spain to Brussels. Each metro train consists of six units. These are moved using specially designed trailers that are equipped with a cable winch, rail bed trailer and custom-made ramps, all designed in-house by the Van der Vlist engineering department. This custom trailer configuration allows for metro and rail cars to be loaded and unloaded by the Van der Vlist drivers and engineers themselves.

Due to the dimensions and weight of the loaded combination, there was a significant challenge in finding a suitable route to avoid obstructions. Prior to loading, the units were wrapped to prevent vandalism in transit. Once on the unloading site, Van der Vlist project engineers unloaded the trams and coupled the units on the metro track ready to go into service for Belgium-based public transport company STIB.

“This brand-new metro train will complement our current fleet of subways,” STIB spokesperson said in a statement. “It will offer our travelers more capacity and comfort, in a design space designed by Axel Enthoven (Yellow Window). In addition, frequencies will be increased on our metro lines. It is expected to be commissioned in early 2021.”

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