Universal Logistics Ships Tunneling Machine

Universal Logistics Ships Tunneling Machine

Cargo carrier Universal Logistics has delivered a Shield tunneling machine from China to Mumbai, India.

The cargo was first transported 400 kilometers by road to the port of Dalian where it was transloaded to ocean vessel for shipment to Mumbai. The heaviest items were two disc components, with diameters of about 7 meters and 4 meters, respectively, and gross weight of 137 tonnes.

“We decided to withdraw the supports of the disc after discussing with the client. We simplified it, just making the disc directly lie on the trailer bed during trucking and on deck of the vessel, the cargo was much more stable on trailer and vessel,” a spokesperson for Universal Logistics said.

Owned by Shenzhen Universal Logistics group, the firm is a member of the WCA Projects network, a breakbulk association connecting project cargo companies in 188 countries around the world.

Photo: Tunneling machine during transit by Universal Logistics. Credit: HS