Turk Heavy Moves Bahrain Oil Rig Equipment

Mud Pump Trailer and Rig Mast Assembly

Project cargo firm Turk Heavy Transport has delivered a cargo of oil rig equipment to Bahrain.

The consignment included a mud pump trailer weighing 84 tonnes and measuring 18 meters in length, and a rig mast assembly at measuring 43 meters in length and weighing 60 tonnes. Transport was completed within an AWALI / Tatweer controlled area using Turk's heavy hauling trucks.
"There were a lot of difficult maneuvers and unforeseen situations on the way, but we managed the project smoothly and perfectly through proper planning and coordination including necessary permits, escorting and extensive route surveys,” said Donna Gualberto, logistics manager at THT.
Headquartered in Bahrain, Turk Heavy Transport operates a fleet of heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargo vehicles which includes two 250-tonne capacity hydraulic low beds and several prime movers. The firm is a member of the Project Cargo Network, a global association of breakbulk operators.

Photo: Oil rig parts. Credit: THT