Tschudi Delivers Henan Columns

(Asia-Russia/CIS) Extreme Winter Conditions Present Challenge

Cargo firm Tschudi Logistics has transported a batch of oversized columns from China to Uzbekistan.

The breakbulk cargo was loaded in Henan Province and consisted of five columns weighing up to 58 tonnes and measuring as much as 13 meters long. From Henan, the columns were routed via Khorgos to the final delivery site.
“There were multiple challenges to overcome. Firstly, being that there was a need to change trailers at the border of China, and each country needed their own specific oversized cargo transportation certificate. Secondly, due to the extremely low temperatures in winter, all roads in Northwest China were covered with snow and ice,” a spokesperson for Tschudi said.
Tschudi is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects small and medium sized project freight forwarders worldwide.