Trans-Trading Moves Vectron Locomotives

(Europe) Shipment from Germany

Freight handler Trans-Trading has delivered a cargo of three locomotives from Munich, Germany, to Hanko, Finland.

The outsized Vectron locomotives had ben refitted by L├╝beck Port Co. (LHG) and were transported from Bavaria to Seelandkai terminal by road. Each unit weighed 90 tonnes and measured more than 19 meters in long.

“LHG and Trans-Trading were jointly executing the sophisticated security measures to meet all safety requirements. After the heavy package was tied properly, dockers pulled the roll trailers with the three locomotives aboard a Transfennica ship,” a spokesperson for Trans-Trading said.
Based in Germany, Trans-Trading is a member of the XL Projects network, which connects breakbulk operators worldwide. XLP is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events.
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