Szymankowo Marks Subsidy-Free Milestone    

Ground-breaking Begins

Ground breaking work for the Szymankowo wind project has commenced, paving the way for increased breakbulk activity at the site in in northern Poland.

Featuring 11 turbines, the wind farm will have a capacity of 38 megawatts once connected to the grid in 2021. The project is the first in the country to be based purely on market pricing and with no support from subsidies.

“We are upbeat about the prospects for the development of the Polish energy market as well as the decreasing costs of energy production in onshore wind farms. Our business model makes it possible to obtain costs of electricity from an onshore wind farm project at a competitive level against the prices available on the Polish market,” said MichaƂ Michalski, president of owner and operator Polenergia.

The construction of the project has been supported by a long-term loan of up to €10 million from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.