Swire Bulk Expands Southeast Asia Fleet

(Asia) Chefoo Joins Service

Cargo shipping line Swire Bulk has taken delivery of the Chefoo, the latest vessel in its fleet to serve the company’s Southeast Asia service.

The flexible cargo carrier is equipped with three 45-tonne cranes, 75-tonne SWL stoppers, lashing eyes and strengthened tank tops to 20 tonnes. It will handle containerized and non-containerized cargo and is expected to “facilitate growth and trade” in the Pacific region.

“Communities in the Pacific rely heavily on seaborne trade to supply essential goods such as food, fuel, equipment, industrial materials and manufactured products, and to export commodities vital to global growth. Despite the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to look to the future as we phase in our newbuild vessels, improve our network coverage and launch new digital products,” said Jeremy Sutton, general manager, Swire Shipping.

Swire Bulk is the bulk operating division of China Navigation Co., or CNCo, a merchant shipping company based in Singapore. Swire Bulk operates a fleet of owned and long-term chartered tonnage, and works with a range of cargo charterers and industrial shippers. The firm is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events.
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