Startups Within Breakbulk’s Reach

Next 'Blue Ocean of Opportunity'

By Carly Fields
Startup accelerator theDOCK has thrown out a challenge to breakbulk and project cargo companies: send in your business challenge and they will find the appropriate startup solution.
Founder and COO Nir Gartzman told Breakbulk Europe delegates that Israel, where theDOCK is based, is home to the largest number of startup companies in the world, and that its “enablement platform” can expediate the market readiness of startups in this sector.
While he conceded that much of the startup technology currently available focuses on containers and automated features of terminals, Gartman saw the “next blue ocean of opportunity” in breakbulk.
“I am looking to understand your customers’ needs. This is where we see opportunity,” he said. “I promise you that if you present the challenges in front of the right people you will get out-of-the-box thinking.”
theDock is looking to invest in startups that will change the business paradigm for breakbulk, he added. “Instead of being disrupted from the outside we invite you to be part of our project,” Gartman said.
Andrea Frahm, managing partner of Israel-based TechMatch said there was a “no-fail attitude” in Israel. “It’s a whole different mindset,” she added.