Star Shipping Moves Qasim Breakbulk

(MENA) 423 Outsized Pieces

Logistics group Star Shipping has delivered a shipment of 423 breakbulk pieces via Port Qasim, Pakistan.

The extensive cargo comprised a 4,400 tonnes of equipment and was loaded "under hook" at the port. The firm provided 30 trailers to shift the cargo from the berth area to a temporary storage area inside the port.

"Our good relationships with stevedores, port staff, our custom clearing agent and subcontractors played a major role in the swift and safe operation. No injury to any human or issues with any equipment occurred and our plan of zero accidents prevailed successfully,” said Muhammad Kamran of Star Shipping.

Star Shipping is a member of industry association the Project Cargo Network, which connects companies focused on heavy-lift handling and transportation worldwide.