STA Logistic Delivers Mozyr Tip

Reactor Component Via Port of Ortona

Freight forwarder STA Logistic has transported a reactor tip from Italy to Belarus.
Measuring more than 22 meters in length, the breakbulk unit weighed 169 tonnes and was transported from Port of Ortona, Italy, to Port of Kherson, Ukraine. From there it was delivered to the Mozyr Oil Refinery construction site.

“The most difficult part of the route was from Kiev to Mozyr jetty. Due to bad weather conditions (storm) we had to stop moving for two days for safety reasons,” a spokesperson for STA explained.

Headquartered in Russia, STA Logistic is a member of the WCA network which represents breakbulk firms in in 88 countries.

Photo: Reactor tip. Credit: STA Logistic