Spliethoff Moves Haliade-X Blade

Wold’s Largest Offshore Turbine Produces First Power

Heavy-lift shipping firm Spliethoff has transported a giant turbine blade to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center in Boston.
The 107-meter blade forms part of the prototype Haliade-X turbine, which is undergoing durability testing at the MCEC. The turbine, developed by GE, is the largest offshore wind turbine ever with a 220-meter rotor, delivering 12 megawatts of output, and driving demand for a new generation of breakbulk carrier.

The prototype design is also being tested at the Sif terminal in Rotterdam where the first version of the turbine has just produced its first power.

Amsterdam-headquartered Spliethoff Group operates a fleet of about 50 1A ice-classed, multipurpose vessels, ranging from 12,000 to 23,000 deadweight-tonnes.