Spark, Zoom Deliver Mumbai Cargo

(Europe-MENA) Shipment via Antwerp  

Breakbulk specialists Spark Global Logistics and ZOOM Cargo have collaborated to transport a outsized shipment from the Czech Republic to India.

The over-dimensional cargo included seven cases, weighing up to 35 tonnes each, which were transported by road from Litovel in the Czech Republic to Antwerp Port. From there, cargo was shipped by Chipolbrok as breakbulk to Mumbai Port.

“The loading onto the truck needed to be completed by crane and Spark asked for the assistance of ZOOM Cargo in the Czech Republic to arrange the loading crane,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Both firms are members of the Universal Freight Organisation, a UK-based breakbulk association which includes ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 members in more than 95 countries.
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