Solis Marine Completes Jumbo Javelin Mobilization

(Asia-Europe) Preparations for Yunlin Offshore Work

Cargo specialist Solis Marine has supported mobilization of the offshore installation vessel Jumbo Javelin in Singapore.

The multipart project was complicated by restrictions which prevented Jumbo Offshore from deploying its Netherlands-based offshore team to Singapore. In response, Solis continued on-site operations to ensure Jumbo Offshore was mobilized in preparation for handling and installation of wind turbine generator substructures for the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm.

“Solis Marine was pleased to be appointed by Jumbo Offshore to assist with the mobilization of Jumbo Javelin in Singapore for her upcoming project. Through close cooperation and teamwork, this has been successfully achieved despite a difficult period of lockdown,” said Capt. Sjoerd Blomsma, who managed the project on behalf of Solis Marine.

Scope of work included positioning and installation of five offshore wind transition piece grillages, onboard installation of Jumbo’s Offshore accommodation, sling hoist modification and recertification of modular fly-jib, Installation of four anchor handling winches and installation of a modular grout mixing and pumping station, among many other modifications.

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