SohoLogistics Moves Suzhou Yachts

SohoLogistics Moves Suzhou Yachts

Freight specialist SohoLogistics has handled a shipment of 30 yachts from Suzhou to Xinjiang Province in China.

The breakbulk cargo was loaded using a 17.5-meter telescopic plate truck and transported more than 4,500 kilometers to Sayram Lake in Xinjiang. The yachts measured 10 meters long and were handled as oversized goods.

The firm also recently completed delivery of a set of crawler cranes with a gross weight of 350 tons per unit, via road from China to Uzbekistan.

Based in Guangzhou, China, SohoLogistics provides comprehensive logistics for heavy-lift and oversized shipments and is a member of the XL Projects network of heavy-transport providers.

 Photo: Yachts. Credit: SohoLogistics