Siem LNG Vessel Improves PCTC Fortunes

(Global) A Look Inside Operations Within the Siem Confucious

Siem Car Carriers, a leading roll-on, roll-off and breakbulk carrier, is offering a glimpse inside one of its new liquefied natural gas-powered pure car truck carrier, the Siem Confusius.
The vessel, and sister ship the Siem Aristotle, are “pioneering the environmental conservation movement of the shipping industry one vessel at a time,” said Siem Car Carriers, or SCC.
The carrier recently released a video, offering a unique perspective into discharge operations for Volkswagen and North Atlantic Distribution, or NORAD, in Davisville, Rhode Island.
“Volkswagen and SCC share a mission of green shipping,” said Jeffrey Campbell, SCC president. “I am also very grateful for our partnership with NORAD, they have ensured a smooth operation for our vessels in Davisville and we are working together  to develop new business in the port.”
“The commitment to preserving our environment and providing a greener future are evident from Siem and Volkswagen and should be viewed as a giant leap forward in reducing the emission produced by global shipping,” said Matthew Martyn, director of business development for NORAD.
Video Credit: Hector Huertas