Shell Launches Record Wind, Hydrogen Project

(Europe) NortH2 Expected to Generate 10GW

Oil major Shell has announced plans to build the world's largest offshore wind project, creating as much as 10 gigawatts of capacity.

The giant NortH2 project will be developed in conjunction with Groningen Seaports and with partner Gasunie.

“Together, we are launching an ambition that puts the Netherlands at the forefront of hydrogen globally … This project offers opportunities throughout the entire hydrogen chain. In addition, it fits well with our New Energies aspirations and our ambitions to find new ways to reduce CO2 emissions and deliver more and cleaner energy, at home, on the go and at work,” said Marjan van Loon, president of Shell Nederland.

Hydrogen Boon
Once complete, the ambitious wind farm will be connected to industrial scale hydrogen electrolyser and onshore infrastructure in Eemshaven, the Netherlands, designed to help balance load and improve the operability of intermittent wind power.
The first hydrogen is set to flow from NortH2 by 2027, creating an entirely new power infrastructure for the region.

Surge in Oil Sector Investment
North wind power development has seen a rapid surge in investment from oil companies this year, with French major Total reported to be in the final stages of bidding for a stake in a massive new UK offshore windfarm, valued at almost £6 billion.

“I'm convinced we'll continue to be an oil and gas major, but we also want to participate in this evolution of the energy mix which offers a lot of opportunities … our ambition, is to have, in 25 years, 20 percent of this company which will be able to make profits and generate revenues in these new energy fields,” said Patrick Puoyane, CEO of Total.
The investments mark a significant change in the oil giants’ investment strategy as firms seeks to develop large-scale renewable capacity, driving a shift in breakbulk demand to build the latest generation of offshore wind projects.

Total’s investment in the Seagreen project could help support one of the largest wind farms in UK waters, generating an estimated 1.1 gigawatts once complete. total would join UK utility SSE in the project that aims to have turbines in operation by 2024.