SARR Moves Udhampur Coaches

(Asia) Transport to Srinagar

Breakbulk carrier SARR Freights has delivered a shipment of railway coaches from Udhampur to locations in Jammu and Kashmir, India.
The coaches each weighed 130 tonnes and measured more than 22 meters long. Scope of work included heavy-lift via crane and all dismantling and loading procedures for transport by trailer

“The haulage was from Udhampur to Srinagar, covering a distance of approximately 400 kilometers and made challenging with the hilly terrain and political uncertainty in the region,” a spokesperson for SARR said. 

Registered in Delhi, India, SARR provides a breakbulk and project cargo transport services, and is an exclusive member of WWPC in Southern India. WWPC represents breakbulk firms in 78 countries and is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Europe.
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