Sakhalin-2 Development Progresses

STATS Signs Pipeline MoU

Development of Russia’s first offshore gas project, Sakhalin-2 have progressed with the signing of a memorandum of understanding by technology specialist STATS Group.
STATS signed the MoU with Sakhalin Energy and OOO INTRA Services Co. for joint work to implement projects for the wrapping, maintenance, hydraulic testing, tie-in, isolations and shut-off of Sakhalin Energy pipelines

“In recent years we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Sakhalin Energy and I am delighted this MoU formalizes our partnership and lays the foundations for working more closely with Sakhalin Energy and OOO Intra Services on key pipeline projects,” said Leigh Howarth, CEO of STATS Group.

Three Offshore Platforms

Breakbulk infrastructure for the project will involve delivery and installation of three offshore platforms, an onshore processing facility, 300 kilometers of offshore pipelines and 1,600 kilometers of onshore pipelines, an oil export terminal and a liquefied natural gas plant.

“Sakhalin-2, as a large and technically challenging project, provides an excellent opportunity for assisting our partners in increasing Russian content,” Howarth added.

 The complex project will be operated by Sakhalin Energy Investment Co., a joint venture owned by Gazprom, Shell, Mitsui and Mitsubishi.

“Despite the current political and economic climate, we strive to ensure utmost reliability of our equipment and systems, as well as to promote an increase in the local content of services, including highly specialised ones, through expansion of cooperation with our key Russian and foreign partners,” Dashkov said.

Unparalleled Technical Complexity

Sakhalin-2 is projected to be one of the world’s largest integrated, export-oriented, oil and gas projects. It is expected to push the boundaries of pipeline technology at an unprecedented scale due to the projects’s technical challenges.

“Adoption of cutting-edge technologies that can guarantee safe and efficient operation of our production facilities is an important component of the comprehensive execution of the Sakhalin-2 project, which is unparalleled in its technical complexity among global oil and gas projects,” said Roman Dashkov, CEO of Sakhalin Energy.