Saipem Signs Saudi Construction Deals

Two Contracts' Value Tops US$3.5 billion

Oil and gas engineering specialist Saipem has signed two new contracts in Saudi Arabia, valued at more than US$3.5 billion.
The projects cover engineering, procurement, construction and installation on behalf of state-run oil firm Saudi Aramco at its Berri and Marjan gas fields, located in the Arabian Gulf.
“The awarding of these new complex contracts testifies to the evolution of our historic relationship with Saudi Aramco and confirms the strategic positioning of Saipem in the Middle East,” said Stefano Cao, CEO of Saipem.

Innovative Design
The first project will see Saipem build PKG-01 Expand Abu Ali Crude & KGP Gas Facilities at the existing Abu Ali oil-gas separation plant. Located about 50 kilometers north of the Ras Tanura refinery, on the island of Abu Ali, the new facility will be connected to the onshore Khursaniyah gas treatment plant.

A second contract covers the construction of a gas treatment and sulfur recovery facility for the recovery of acid gases for sulfur production. This innovative plant is expected to “almost completely eliminate” the release of sulfur oxides into the environment, allowing for more than 99.9 percent of gases to be recovered. CO2 emissions are also predicted to comply with the “most stringent” international standards.
“In the tough context of recent years, Saipem has demonstrated a constant commitment to sustainable economic growth through technological innovation. This commitment allows for the realization of industrial processes to exploit natural resources with maximum respect for the environment and the reduction of the carbon footprint,” Cao added.
The two contracts are part of a much wider investment program by Saudi Aramco to boost production capacity at the Marjan and Berri fields. The firm recently increased domestic spending under the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision program and plans a three-phase energy and industrialization initiative at Salman Energy Park, that will act as a hub for breakbulk activity and manufacturing.

In total, construction at the Marjan field will create 24 offshore oil, gas and water injection platforms while development at the Berri field will deliver a new water injection facility, two drilling islands, 11 oil and water offshore platforms and nine onshore oil production and water supply drill sites.
Headquartered in Italy, Saipem provides onshore and offshore breakbulk transport, drilling services, engineering and installation of pipelines and complex projects worldwide.