Roll Adds Total Cracker Module Project

Transport of 24 Breakbulk Modules for Total Ethane Cracker

Project cargo shipping line Roll Group is to deliver 24 breakbulk modules to the U.S. from the UAE, as part of the Total ethane cracker project.
The complex project is to take place over the next six months with the final modules arriving in Port Arthur, Texas, in August 2019. The modules are under construction in Hamriyah shipyard in the UAE.
“We have the ability to load and discharge the majority of the cargo directly from the quay onto our RollDock vessels and vice versa, due to the limited draft of our vessels. When unloading the BigRoll vessels in Port Arthur, the intermediate transport will be arranged by our sister company Roll-Lift USA,” Wiebe Broeksma, Roll Group project manager.
Dutch breakbulk specialist, Roll Group offers heavy-lifting and transport activities across a range of markets, via three sub-brands: RollDock, Roll-Lift and BigRoll. For the Total Ethane Cracker project a team from team Roll-Lift USA  is working together with Roll Group’s engineering department to ensure start up in 2020, when Ethylene production of one million metric tons per year is forecast.

Roll-Lift USA Completes Elba Isalnd Works
The group’s subsidiary Roll-Lift USA also recently handled extensive breakbulk transport for the expansion of an LNG plant on Elba Island in Chatham County, Georgia.
Delivery involved shipment of 9,300 poles and 71 process/pipe rack modules, which were barged from the offsite fabrication facility located 10 miles away along the Savannah River to the project site.

Challenging Terrain
“The barges were a challenge, but we managed without delay. It gave us a lot of praise from the clients and the other contractors who were working on Elba Island,” said Brent Brown, transport supervisor at Roll Group.

The transport involved 68 SPMTs and 72 lines of axle trailers used to roll the modules on to the 25 barges at the fabrication yard and used again to roll off at the project site.
In total, Roll-Lift USA oversaw lifting procedures for 840 modules, utilizing seven of Roll-Lift USA’s heavy-lift crawler cranes, with no less than 540 modules heavier than 25 tonnes.

Photo: Module. Credit: Roll Group