Roll Group Delivers Elba Island Poles

Roll Group Delivers Elba Island Poles

Project cargo shipping line Roll Group has completed breakbulk transport for an LNG plant expansion project at the Elba Island Project in Savannah, Georgia.

Transport involved moving 9,300 poles and 71 process/pipe rack modules by barge from the offsite fabrication facility to the project site. A team from local subsidiary Roll-Lift USA utilized 68 self-propelled modular transporters and 72 lines of axle trailers to complete the transport with 25 barges

“The barges were a challenge, but we managed without delay. It gave us a lot of praise from the clients and the other contractors who were working on Elba Island,” Brent Brown, Transport Supervisor at Roll, said.

Breakbulk specialist Roll Group offers heavy-lifting and transport activities across a range of markets, including: oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, power, civil construction, dredging and naval.

Photo: Roll-Lift machinery. Credit: RG