Racing Cargo Delivers Qindao Reactor

Transport VIa Port of Manzanillo

Freight forwarder Racing Cargo has delivered a reactor to Monterrey in the U.S. from Qingdao, China.

The breakbulk unit weighed 27 tonnes and was shipped to the port of Manzanillo, Mexico. From there Racing Cargo oversaw road transport to the delivery site in San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico.

“Racing Cargo Mexico has more than 14 years of experience handling over dimension cargo and specialized equipment across the US-Mexico border and around the world,” a spokesperson for Racing Cargo said.

Registered in Monterrey, in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León, Racing Cargo is a member of the WCA breakbulk assocaition, which connects project cargo handlers in 88 countries.

Photo: Reactor. Credit: RC