Proman Stena Bulk Plans Methanol-powered Vessel

(Europe) Stena Prosperous Joins Fleet

Shipping line Proman Stena Bulk has signed an agreement to build a new methanol-powered vessel.

The Stena Prosperous will be the first methanol dual-fuel powered ship traded on the chemicals/CPP market, and will be utilized by Stena Bulk within their traded pool of ships for two to three years. The Prosperous will join the Stena ProPatria and the Stena ProMare in the second half of 2022.

“This joint venture is taking us in that direction with a partner whom we share many values that we believe will develop the shipping industry with new features driving improved performance and efficiency,” said Erik HÃ¥nell, CEO of Stena Bulk.

Proman Stena Bulk is a joint venture between Swiss ocean transport firm Proman Shipping and tanker shipping  group Stena Bulk. Stena is part of one of the largest family-owned business groups in Sweden.
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