Project One Logistics Moves Cross-border Cargo

Oil and gas plant equipment to Mexico

Cargo firm Project One Logistics has delivered a shipment of oil and gas equipment from the U.S. to Mexico.
The breakbulk cargo comprised pipe racks weighing up to 42 tonnes and a pressure vessel, weighing 43 tonnes. The team utilised a heavy-lift crane to load the cargo onto an 11 axle truck for delivery to the jobsite.
“The delivery of an oil and gas plant was by cross-border trucking from the US to Mexico. Timing was a huge challenge for this project because the module fabrication that were on a critical path to prevent work stoppages needed to be delivered as quickly as possible,” a spokesperson for Project One Logistics said.
Project One Logistics is a member of the XL Projects network, which represents independent project forwarding and chartering companies worldwide.
Photo: Oil and gas plant. Credit: XLP