Procam Moves Transformer Trio

Delivery to Indian Hydro Power Project

Transport provider Procam Logistics has delivered three transformers to a hydro power project in India.

The breakbulk units each weighed 50 tonnes and were transported via unpaved road a distance of 1,560 kilometers. To ensure safety for the delivery, a team from Procam had to build temporary roads and bases as well as increasing the capacity of a steel bridge from 40 tonnes to 100 tonnes.

“Due to the over-dimensional cargo and terrain, the risks involved in the handling and movement of the consignments were very high. The entire stretch faced frequent landslides as well as two electrified railway crossings for which permission and shut down had to be arranged in close liaison with the Indian Railways,” a spokesperson for Procam said.

Procam is a member of the Project Cargo Network, which connects breakbulk and heavy-lift forwarders in more than 100 countries. 

Photo: Transformer. Credit: PL