Portmar Moves Nacala Crane

Delivery from Lisbon to Mozambique

Freight forwarder Portmar has transported a dismantled crawler crane from Lisbon to the north coast of Mozambique.

The outsized load weighed a total of 560 tonnes and was received at the group’s multipurpose TMB in Lisbon. A team from Portmar oversaw all chartering, ship agency and stevedoring services for the move to Nacala on the northern coast of Mozambique.

“The project was fixed within a week with a lot of pressure to guarantee that the cargo would be delivered at terminal in time to catch the vessel that’s was in route from North Europe to East Africa,” a spokesperson for Portmar explained. 
With head office located in Lisbon, Portmar is specialised in transportation of vehicles, heavy machinery and heavy static cargo. The firm is a member of the WCA Network.