Port of Hamburg Reports Bulk Cargo Growth

First Quarter Throughput Hits 10.7 Million Tons

The Port of Hamburg has reported a 7.5 percent increase in bulk cargo throughput, reaching 10.7 million tons for the first quarter.

Seaborne cargo throughput also increased at the port, up 6 percent to 34.6 million tons for the first quarter. Authorites at the port reported that strong demand from North America has helped spur growth

Hamburg has now become the hub for services with the USA, Mexico and Canada,” said Axel Mattern, joint CEO of Port of Hamburg marketing, adding that “renewed growth in bulk cargo handling” was “putting the port on a growth path."

The port is Germany’s largest universal port and part of the country’s largest continuous industrial area. It currently ranks the U.S. as its second-strongest market after China.
Photo: Port of Hamburg. Credit: Wikimedia