Port Of Hamburg Posts Rail Freight Rise

7.7 percent First Quarter Growth

Authorities at the Port of Hamburg have reported a 7.7 percent growth in rail volumes in the first quarter of 2019.

The port handled a total of 12.5 million tons of freight by rail, mainly due to “four new transatlantic liner services” connecting Hamburg with the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and new container block-train services.

“Against the backdrop of overloaded roads and the desire for the most environment-friendly freight transport possible, in the coming years, rail will gain in importance in seaport-hinterland transport. To be well prepared for growth in freight quantities, it is not enough for the ports alone to invest in developing and modernizing, as well as in digitalizing its infrastructure,” said Axel Mattern, joint CEO of Port of Hamburg marketing.

The port is Germany’s largest universal port and Europe’s leading rail port. It is part of the country’s largest continuous industrial area and currently ranks the U.S. as its second strongest market after China.
Photo: Port of Hamburg. Credit: Wikimedia