Polaris Moves Mazatlan Construction Equipment

Delivery Aboard BBC California

Breakbulk specialist Polaris Shipping Agencies has completed delivery of construction equipment from Port Mazatlan in Mexico to Hamriyah Yard, Sharjah.

The breakbulk consignment involved shipment of 7,200 cubic meters of cargo, and was carried aboard the breakbulk vessel BBC California. The Polaris project team closely coordinated with the port authorities to ensure direct receiving of units directly on to their positioned trailers "under hook."

“The Polaris operation team at the receiver's site also ensured that the discharge of the units from their trailers was coordinated safely and on time to ensure that the vessel was fed with enough returning empty trailers to receive more units as fast as the vessel could discharge,” a spokesperson for Polaris said.
Polaris is headquartered in Dubai and offers breakbulk services throughout the MENA region as well as in CIS States including Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. The firm is a member of the Project Cargo Network which connects freight forwarders and project cargo companies worldwide.