Polaris Moves Crawler Crane Cargo

Shipment via Port Aktau

Breakbulk specialist Polaris Shipping Agencies has transported a shipment of crawler crane parts from Saudi Arabia to Kazakhstan.
 The consignment involved a total shipment volume of 1,600 cubic meters and toal weight ot 575 tonnes. The cargo was loaded at the clinet’s storage depots in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and delivered via Port Aktau.
“Polaris scope of work included a survey and tally of each item, recommendations and supervision of proper packing for the safe transportation, evaluation of economical routes complying with the receiver's in-house quality procedures and the multimodal transport arrangements for the timely execution of the project,” a spokesperson for Polaris said.
Polaris is headquartered in Dubai and offers breakbulk services throughout the MENA region as well as in CIS States including Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. Polaris is a member of the WCA network which connects freight forwarders and project cargo companies worldwide.
Photo: Crawler crane parts. Credit: PSA