PD Ports Welcomes Offshore Deal

North-East Forecast for Offshore Breakbulk Boost

Terminal operator PD Ports has welcomed the new offshore wind sector deal recently agreed by the UK government as “pivotal” for the North-East of England.
The deal sets a target for one-third of all UK electricity to be produced by offshore wind by 2030 and is expected to support increased breakbulk activity at North-East deepwater ports such as Teesport and Hartlepool.

“The deal is a great coup for our area and has the potential to create a significant number of jobs. We have the skills, people and land required to offer a strong market position for undertaking major renewable energy projects and PD Ports is an experienced partner, well-placed to provide exceptional operational support,” said Geoff Lippitt, business development director at PD Ports.

Teesside has seen a resurgence in breakbulk demand in the last two years thanks to mega-wind farm projects off the UK coast and following the award of CORE status to the region in 2011as a Centre for Offshore Renewable Engineering.
Photo: Hartlepool port. Credit: PDP