Pasquinelli Moves Loop Reactor

Reactor legs measure up to 51 meters in length

Freight forwarder Pasquinelli Ennio has moved a loop reactor and parts from a remote location in Italy to Asia.
The breakbulk cargo comprised two reactor legs measuring 44 meters and 51 meters in length and weighed 3,282 tonnes in total. The reactor was transported from the shipper’s site up to the seaport of Civitavecchia for onward shipment.
“with the convoy length of 68 meters travelling through hills, turning roads and very narrow roads [and] the numerous related limitations for road travel along the route, the entire movement took almost 45 days to complete,” a spokesperson for Pasquinelli said. 
Based in Pescara, Italy, Pasquinelli is a member of the WCA Projects network, which connects breakbulk carriers in 188 countries globally.
Photo: Loop reactor. Credit: Pasquinelli ‚Äč