Orchid Ships Onne Boiler Parts

(Asia) Delivery to Nigeria

Breakbulk forwarder Orchid Shipping has delivered a critical shipment of boiler parts from India to Nigeria.

Comprising components measuring more than 5 meters long and weighing seven tonnes, the cargo was loaded in Jawaharlal Nehru Port, India. A team from Orchid oversaw transport via three 20-foot flat-racks via Colombo and Lome to Onne Port, Nigeria.

“Lockdown, imposed several bottlenecks in the handling of the cargo. Special permission from the several concerned authorities had to be sought for the safe passage of the containers with adequate escorts,” a spokesperson for Orchid said.

Registered in India, Orchid Shipping is a member of the XL Projects network, which connects freight forwarders in more than 80 countries. XLP is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Asia.
Breakbulk Asia 2020
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