OIA Ships Breakbulk Reels

Delivery to Vitoria in Brazil

Cargo firm OIA Global Logistica has delivered 11 reels from Newcastle in the UK to Vitoria in Brazil.

The massive oilfield components each weighed 250 tonnes. A team from Global Logistica provided behind-the-scenes studies on technical aspects of the cargo, sea-fastening and close collaboration to ensure the documentation was accurate and compliant.

"One of the challenges faced was that the reels cannot be unloaded at Victoria Port terminal due to specific customs clearance operations and requirements, so as per the customer's request, the solution was to discharge the units using a floating crane. The customer engaged OIA to support with the ocean charter that could lift the reels with a single hook lift,” said Alexandre Destro, country manager at OIA.

With headquarters in Sao Paulo, OIA Global Logistica is the latest firm to join the Project Cargo Network in Brazil.

Photo: Loading reels. Credit: OGL