Navigating Project Trade Winds

Navigating Project Trade Winds


Justin Archard is in his 19th year in the heavy-lift shipping industry, having joined Jumbo Shipping in Rotterdam in May 2000 as regional commercial manager. Jumbo moved him to Singapore to lead Southeast Asian operations as the region emerged from the “Tiger” financial crisis. He relocated to Perth, Australia, in 2007 to start an office for Jumbo, focusing on the mining and oil and gas development.

After nearly 12 years with Jumbo, Archard moved to SAL Heavy Lift as managing director for the Singapore office, while working with SAL’s corporate and executive management team. He moved into his current role, corporate director, commercial division, returning to Europe in September 2015.

“It would be very easy to draw back into the office and simply become an administrator. I don’t think it helps the company to be that way,” Archard said in an interview at Breakbulk Americas in Houston.

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“I like to be out and I still want to be talking with clients and attend events and continue the relationships I’ve had over many years, even if I’m not on the front lines nowadays. Because only then can I appreciate what my commercial staff is doing, what my operations staff is doing, and understand the pressures that are going on aboard the ships.

“I need to still be as much involved in the front end of the business even though I am now on the back end of the business.”


Photo: Briese Schiffahrt



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