MS Global Delivers Xingang Aircraft

Three DHC-7 from Port Klang

Cargo carrier MS Global Freight Solutions has transported three dismantled aircraft from Malaysia to Xingang, China.

The three DHC-7 occupied 1,342 cubic meters in total and weighed 120 tonnes. The main body of each aircraft was 23 meters long and three meters wide and high.

“MS Global Freight Solution … coordinated collection from in-airport hanger after being dismantled, inland transport with multi-axle, temporary storage at yard, and vessel chartering from Port Klang,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Headquartered in Port Klang, Malaysia, MS Global Freight Solution provides air and sea heavy-lift project cargo services to and from Malaysia iand is a member of the WCA breakbulk assocaition.

Photo: Dismantled aircraft. Credit: MS Global