Mory-TNTE Moves Malaysian Excavators

12 Amphibious Units to Nigeria

Cargo carrier Mory-TNTE Mondial Express has delivered 12 units of amphibious caterpillar excavators from Malaysia to Nigeria.

The breakbulk units were shipped along with auxiliary equipment and totalled 1,340 cubic meters in volume. Comprising 30 containers, the consigment weighed more than 695 tonnes and was transported in 76 trips from the shipper's factory. 
“Mory-Tnte was awarded and entrusted this huge task with the condition that all containers and special equipment must be loaded, secured and moved on one vessel and any delays or roll-overs would eventually lead to heavy penalties and compensations,” a spokesperson for Mory-TNTE.

Basedin Malaysia, Mory-TNTE Mondial Express is  a member of the WCA Network, which connects breakbulk carriers in 88 countries.

Photo: Excavators. Credit: MTME