Monpe Moves Takoradi Suction Pile

Monpe Moves Takoradi Suction Pile

Heavy haul transporter Monpe Ventures has delivered a large suction pile to Takoradi Port to an oil and gas project in Ghana.

The outsized pile weighed 125 tonne and measured 8 meters in diameter, and was loaded aboard Faymonville ModulMAX axle lines at the fabrication yard from transport to quayside.  From there it was transferred to ocean vessel to be dropped on the seabed to act as an anchor for an FPSO oil platform.

“When I first got the request to move the suction pile in a vertical position, I was skeptical to say the least. I had seen this been done before but much smaller. engineers came up with this solution the height of the center of gravity a lot and thereby extremely improved,” said Peter Everett from MONPE Ventures.

A Ghanaian family company, Monpe specializes is in heavy-haul transport across Western Africa and operates a fleet of modular trailers from Luxembourgish manufacturer Faymonville.

Photo: Suction pile. Credit: Faymonville