Megalift Transports Gas Turbines

Shipment Via Pasir Gudang Port

Project cargo handler Megalift has delivered two outsized gas turbines from Pasir Gudang to a power plant in Johor, Malaysia.

The breakbulk units were the first GE 9HA.02 gas turbines in Malaysia and each weighed 436 tonnes. They measured more than 11 meters long, the turbines arrived at Pasir Gudang Port from France and were delivered to Track 4A of the 1.44-gigawatt combined-cycled power plant in Pasir Gudang.

"Each unit was taken through a distance of approximately 5 kilometers, an extended route to avoid several overhead restrictions. Margins at both edges of the road were narrow and it was especially challenging to turn at tight junctions,” a spokesperson for Megalift said.
Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, Megalift provides logistics services for the transport of heavy and oversized cargoes, lifting and installation, crane rigging, barging and chartering of ships and specialized equipment. The firm is a member of the Project Cargo Network.