Megalift Completes Offshore Skid Loadout

 270-tonne Cargo

Project cargo handler Megalift has performed loadout operations for a breakbulk condensate filtration skid at an offshore oil and gas project in East Malaysia.
Measuring 11 meters in length and weighing 270 tonnes, the unit was loaded from a 250-foot barge, taking into account a center of gravity offset. Utilizing a sideway loadout method, Megalift oversaw 100 percent ballasting throughout the procedure.

“This is one of the jobs that presented a smooth transport route as the fabrication yard was in close proximity to the port … Thankfully early planning and close communication with the port granted them full cooperation from the port police to help manage the traffic,”  a spokesperson for Megalift said.

Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, Megalift provides logistics services for the transport of heavy and oversized cargoes, lifting and installation, crane rigging, barging and chartering of ships and specialized equipment. The firm is a member of the XL Projects forwarding network.
Photo: Condensate filtration skid. Credit: Megalilft