McDermott Signs LPG Sphere Deal  

(Americas) Infrastructure for Caribbean 

Engineering and construction specialist McDermott International has signed an agreement to develop liquefied petroleum gas infrastructure in the Caribbean region.
The scope of work includes the engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of four LPG spheres, and is expected to drive significant breakbulk activity during the construction phase.
"We have a strong track record of executing world-class storage projects in the Caribbean and Central and South America," said Cesar Canals, senior vice president of CB&I Storage Solutions.

Fabricated in Fairbanks
The giant LPG spheres will be fabricated at the company's Fairbanks facility in Houston, Texas, with further engineering carried out at the company's office in Plainfield, Illinois.

"This new award highlights the confidence our customer has in our service offerings and capabilities in engineering, fabricating and constructing high-pressure LPG spheres and other storage solutions that are critical components to its energy infrastructure," the company said.

McDermott will oversee breakbulk transport to the project site in the Caribbean

‘Sizeable’ Contract

Once complete, each sphere will measure about 27 meters in diameter, and will feature nominal capacity for 63,100 barrels. The structures are designed to withstand pressure of 131 kilograms per square inch.

The award was announced by CB&I Storage Solutions and was classed as a "sizeable" contract of between US$1 million and US$50 million. It will be reflected in McDermott's first quarter 2020 backlog.

Headquartered in Texas, McDermott is one of the largest integrated onshore-offshore EPC companies in the world, with operations in more than 54 countries and a workforce of about 32,000 employees.

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