McDermott Completes St. Charles Power Station

Transport and Installation to Montz, Louisiana

Engineering specialist McDermott has completed breakbulk transport and final installation of components for the St. Charles Power Station, in Montz, Louisiana.
The large-scale combined-cycle gas power station began commercial operations last month, following “substantial completion” on behalf of operator Entergy Louisiana.

"We were able to deliver this project ahead of schedule and on budget for Entergy Louisiana, and we continue to work with Entergy companies on two other projects: Lake Charles Power Station for Entergy Louisiana and Montgomery County Power Station for Entergy Texas,” saidMark Coscio, McDermott's senior vice president for North, Central and South America.

Cleaner, More efficient

Construction of these other two projects for Entergy are part of a strategy to replace older, less efficient plants with new, cleaner natural gas units.

“This combined-cycle plant is one part of our transformation to cleaner, more efficient generation,” explained Phillip May, CEO of Entergy Louisiana, adding that it will “improve system reliability, reduce environmental impacts and produce substantial customer savings over the long term.”
The new 980-megawatt power station in Montz, will produce about 40 percent less carbon dioxide on average than Entergy’s older natural gas-powered units.

Transmission Infrastructure Investment

Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, Entergy Corp. is a Fortune 500 integrated energy company. The group is primarily focuses on electric power production and retail distribution operations across the Deep South.
Along with investment in new power plants, the firm is also planning wtransmission infrastructure to strengthen the regional grid. Recent projects include, the China-Stowell transmission line and Phase 1 of the Western Region Economic Project, which involved a rebuild of the Newton Bulk to Leach line.

"Entergy Texas is committed to making the investments today that will enable future growth. The ability, with approval from the Public Utility Commission, to begin recovering these investments in a more timely manner will help us as we create value for our four key stakeholders – customers, employees, communities and owners,” said Sallie Rainer, CEO of Entergy Texas.

The steps follow outage for more than 17,000 Entergy on the Westbank at the start of the week as thunderstorms and heavy rains moved through the area.