Mammoet Transports Termont Crane

Mammoet Transports Termont Crane

Heavy-lift specialist Mammoet has transported an outsized crane for Termont at the Port of MontrĂ©al, Canada.

The project involved transport of the 700-tonne port crane 2.5 kilometers between Termont MontrĂ©al’s two terminals. Mammoet utilized customized transport beams and 48 lines of SPMTs for the move as well as 200 wooden mats for load spreading.

“Mammoet provided a safe, fast and reliable execution plan to show the inland relocation would cause minimal impact to neighboring businesses ... The team also had to account for an underground tunnel, which was protected using steel ramps,” a spokesperson for Mammoet said.

Mammoet provides a range of heavy-lift services including project  cargo transportation, logistic planning and crane rental from its headquarters in Schiedam in the Netherlands.

Photo: Termont port crane. Credit: Mammoet