Mammoet Loads-Out Catamaran Ferry

(Asia) Collaboration with Austal Philippines

Heavy-lift expert Mammoet has completed load-out and float-off operations to deliver the largest-ever high-speed catamaran ferry launched in the Philippines.

The complex project was carried out in collaboration with shipbuilder Austal Philippines and utilized a class 330 transition barge, ballast pumps and a tug. The catamaran itself weighed 1,700 tonnes and measured 109 meters in length.

“Despite time constraints leading up to the operation, Mammoet remained committed to developing solutions for the launch of our catamaran ferry FSTR for Fjordline of Norway, which is the largest aluminium vessel ever launched in the Philippines – and the largest (by volume) ever constructed by Austal worldwide to date," said Mitch Barnett, project manager of Austal Philippines.

Headquartered in Schiedam in the Netherlands, Mammoet provides a range of services from transportation and logistics planning to heavy lift and crane rental.
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